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Welcome to the site of Dr Emilova's Wellness Clinic

Emerse yourself in the world of the natural yet scientifically advance medicine, thanks to which you can have the perfect health you have always dreamed of.

Clinic works in Saints Constantine and Helena resort, Hotel Aqua Azur (10 km from Varna).

Aqua AzurDr Emilova Clinic offers diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment services through natural methods and a fruit and tea fasting regime. The leading objective is to give the patients the right notion about a healthy lifestyle. The Clinic gives you an unique opportunity to combine a pleasant setting recreation with a high level medical treatment.

The treatment in our clinic is based on a holistic approach to one's health. We look at man as a one whole, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, where balance needs to be restored with a complex set of treatments. Fasting is combined with active rest, clean air, sun, physical activities, spiritual and energy charging practices, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, hydrocolon therapy, healing massages, spa procedures, and a program of educational and informative lectures on the subject of your health. Emersing yourself in such an atmosphere alone brings you closer to real health. A team of highly qualified doctors and specialists, working with the most modern equipment, helps you achieve good health.

emi09Dr. Emilova's Clinic is founded in 1993 in Varna, Bulgaria by Dr. Ljudmila Emilova, an Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Rheumatology Specialist. More than 47,000 patients have gone through the treatment and prophylactic. The rich experience which we have accumulated throughout the years gives us the opportunity to carry out and publish a series of scientific studies in the sphere of therapeutic fasting.

The Clinic is quite, pleasant, totally relaxing. The stay will give you the chance to learn in detail how to lead a health lifestyle. You will find that out in conversations, lectures, films and literature in several languages.

We have 143 guests and no members online