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Welcome to the site of Dr Emilova's Wellness Clinic

Emerse yourself in the world of the natural yet scientifically advance medicine, thanks to which you can have the perfect health you have always dreamed of.

Clinic works in Saints Constantine and Helena resort, Hotel Aqua Azur (10 km from Varna).

Aqua AzurDr Emilova Clinic offers diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment services through natural methods and a fruit and tea fasting regime. The leading objective is to give the patients the right notion about a healthy lifestyle. The Clinic gives you an unique opportunity to combine a pleasant setting recreation with a high level medical treatment.

The treatment in our clinic is based on a holistic approach to one's health. We look at man as a one whole, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, where balance needs to be restored with a complex set of treatments. Fasting is combined with active rest, clean air, sun, physical activities, spiritual and energy charging practices, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, hydrocolon therapy, healing massages, spa procedures, and a program of educational and informative lectures on the subject of your health. Emersing yourself in such an atmosphere alone brings you closer to real health. A team of highly qualified doctors and specialists, working with the most modern equipment, helps you achieve good health.

emi09Dr. Emilova's Clinic is founded in 1993 in Varna, Bulgaria by Dr. Ljudmila Emilova, an Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Rheumatology Specialist. More than 47,000 patients have gone through the treatment and prophylactic. The rich experience which we have accumulated throughout the years gives us the opportunity to carry out and publish a series of scientific studies in the sphere of therapeutic fasting.

The Clinic is quite, pleasant, totally relaxing. The stay will give you the chance to learn in detail how to lead a health lifestyle. You will find that out in conversations, lectures, films and literature in several languages.

emi15Lyudmila Emilova M.D. was born on Sept. 1, 1943 in Varna, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Varna Medical University in 1969, and later completed her internal medicine and cardiology and pulmonary diseases specializations. Despite her extensive qualifications and experience in the medical sphere, she found herself suffering from many chronic diseases in 1991.

Chance had it that she met the famous Bulgarian healer Lidiya Kovacheva, who taught her of the miracles of the softer method of fasting with fresh fruits, herb teas and honey. She trying the method on herself several times. She changed her eating habits and as a consequence in one year she managed to cure a very severe, ten years long migraine, chronic gastritis, colitis, liver steatosis and atony of the gallbladder. Impressed by the excellent results, she decided to dedicate the rest of her life to the people willing to be healed through that system. On May 5, 1993 Dr. Emilova created her emi20clinic basing her practice on the principles of the natural as well established scientific medicine. In the beginning she was alone, but gradually more young people joined her, inspired by the miraculous effects of fasting. Most of them cured health problems they had themselves or were disappointed by the limits of conventional medicine. 10 doctors work now in the clinic using the most advanced equipment.

In 1996 she became a member of the American natural hygiene society, sharing common ideas and experience with other doctors around the world treating their patients through a form of fasting. In 2007 she was awarded the Michail Lomonosov Honour for her personal contribution in maintaining good relationships between Russia and Bulgaria and for improving people's health. Since the opening of the Centre, she has helped thousands of patients to find their way to the real health. All who adhere to her advices are already healthy, slim, feel younger and most importantly – they are confident that their self-esteem, appearance and longevity are in their hands!

The team:

      • Dr. Ljudmila Emilova - Founder and Managing Director of the Clinic, Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Rheumatology Specialist.
      • Dr. Krassimir Milev – Medical Doctor, Director, IT System Administrator, Web Site and Forum Administrator
      • Dr. Krassimir Ivanov - Medical Doctor, Medical Director, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterologist, Ultrasound and Endoscopy Diagnostic Specialist.
      • Dr. Katya Kazakova - Medical Doctor, Neurologist, Ultrasound Diagnostic Specialist, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
      • Dr. Branimir Kanazirev - Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Rheumatology Specialist, Heart Ultrasound Diagnostics Specialist
      • Dr. Georgi Ivanov - Medical Doctor, X-Ray and Ultrasound Diagnostic Specialist
      • Dr. Daniela Ovcharova - Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
      • Dr. Georgi Georgiev - Medical Doctor, Manual therapy specialist
      • Dr. Eleonora Karbova - Medical Doctor
      • Tatyana Dimitrova - Health Assistant
      • Nurse Boryana Ivanova - ECG, Body Impedance, Spiro metric Tests
      • Nurse Elena Marinova - ECG, Body Impedance, Spiro metric Tests, hydrocolontherapy

The great Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.) said: "Be moderate in everything, breathe fresh air, clean your skin every day, do exercises... and better treat a small pain with fasting than with medicine."

thumb fruits22The milder fasting with fruit and herb teas ( fruit fasting ) is the main therapy in Dr Emilova Clinic. The fast includes 1-2 kilograms of fresh seasonal fruit and freshly squeezed juices, intermixed with herb teas with honey. This is all that is eaten in 15-20 days. This type of fast has the same effect as the full water fast but is much more universal and easy to do. The point of this temporary stop of various and complex food is to open the self healing and rejuvenation processes of the body. The program stimulates the function of all cleansing organs, which leads to powerful detoxification. The immune strength of the body is increased. and the nervous system is balanced. Thinking gets calmer and easier and the negative emotions disappear during the fast. The milder fast is a very effective anti depression and anti stress program, which can be done both as a treatment and as a prophylactic. Last but not least the fast helps you lose your extra weight, which is a common problem for us with our modern sedentary lifestyle.

Fasting has an effect not only on the body but also on the soul and spirit. The senses get sharpened and the overall state of one is improved. The many elements of our program which create a balance between activity and rest lead to a complete equilibrium in the system mind/emotions <=> body. Your self-confidence and body tone is strengthened. The milder fasting improves the quality and joy of your life. The fast is a dependable way to get rid of bad habits.

thumb clinic05Why do we feel so good when we fast? Our body is burdened by unhealthy food, stress, lack of physical activity, toxins in the air and the water, electromagnetic exposure and radiation. In time that leads to the accumulation of toxins in our cells. When we fast the cells are cleansed, the toxins get out quickly. The metabolic process is improved and ageing process is slowed down.

Why does it happen? Our body uses its energy predominantly for digestion and for the processing of the consumed nutrients. When we eat too much, move too little, have too much stress our body cannot cope with the toxins and cannot cleans all of them. There is simply no time nor energy left for cleansing. When fasting the body can use almost all its energy for cleansing of the cells and for burning fat. The extraneous substances are neutralized and thrown out of the body. The processes of self healing are natural to our body and they can cure many different diseases, which are the result of intoxication. Unlike the medication treatments, this method does not only get rid of the symptoms, but gets rid of the causes of the illnesses. What is more- during the fast all the health problems are solved simultaneously. Some are treated quicker, others are treated more slowly, according to the state of the disorders and their effect. The improvement of the state of one organ has a positive effect on all others. Our body a super intelligent system which when given time and opportunity, manages to reach a complete state of health on its own.

Bulgaria offers a great variety of fruit. The abundance of valuable nutrients in them makes the healing effect of the mild fast even stronger. It is easily done and excluding some specific diseases, it is suitable for children and adults, for healthier people and for those taking a lot of medicine. Fasting is a unique combination of pleasure and what is useful for the body. One does not feel hunger during the fast, rather feels a nice lightness and vitality and has the desire to play and have fun. When one leaves the Clinic it is easy to continue the program at home, incorporating it in one's professional and family obligations.

The benefit of fasting is greater when the fast is combined with active physical regime and with other therapeutic procedures. There are walks, trips, dances, yoga, calanetics, morning exercises and Tibetan ritual with Dr Emilova, chi gun, water gymnastics, dance nights-all included in the program. The Clinics offers you psychotherapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture, hydrocolontherapy, probiotics therapy. Fasting goes well with sauna, fitness, massages, inhalations, mud therapy and spa procedures.

thumb med03Dr Emilova Clinic fasting program involves 24 hour medical supervision with the most advanced equipment. This cancels any risk and allows the best assessment of the healing effect. The Clinic's environment makes the program even more pleasant and easier. Because of the fact that you are amongst like-minded people the feeling of community is strong and you are well motivated to do the fast. Depending on the season you can be on the sea coast or up in a beautiful mountain. You can take part in the variety of activities during the program or you can simply take walks along the beach or in the forest. You spend your time as you would while you are on vacation, but this is a very healthy vacation.

Fasting is the oldest treatment method, which every being instinctively practices when he or she gets ill. He stops eating and sometimes drinking, hides somewhere and after a while gets out out healed. Man noticed this behavior amongst animals and started practicing it himself. The method is called fasting. Nowadays some specialists use the more precise term nutritional therapy.

Healing fasting as a treatment goes back thousand of years in history. The oldest recorded cases date back to ancient Egypt. The method is mentioned often in the writings of ancient scientists from Babylon, Judea, Persia, China, Tibet, Greece and Rome. Amongst the first doctors treating patients with fasting were the fathers of modern medicine- Avicenna and Hypocrites, who said: "If the body is not cleansed, the more we feed it, the more harm we do to it."

Fasting was widely practiced during the Middle Ages and later in Germany, England and Switzerland. The first mention of fasting in Russia is from the 18th century.

Fasting was practiced by Paul Bragg (1895-1976) and Herbert Shelton (1895-1985), honorary doctors of medicine, chiropractor and naturopractor. In 1928 Shelton founded his School of Health, in 1948 he was one of the founders of the American Society of Natural Hygiene. In 1978 he formed a professional association known today as the International Association of Hygiene Medical Practitioners (IAHP). The main purpose of this organization is to publish studies on the fasting treatment result.

emi18In the 20 th century fasting is widespread due to the medical practice based greatly on the natural therapeutic methods. Fasting is scientifically studied in Russia, Germany, the USA, France, Australia and Bulgaria. The works of the German doctor Otto Buchinger got world wide acclaim. His clinics also work today.

Bulgaria's contribution was to develop the softer fasting treatment method. The famous healer Lydia Kovacheva ingeniously decided to add fresh fruit and herb teas with honey to the fast. That is how the current fasting methods was created. It combines the powerfully healing effect of fasting with the easiness and universal suitability of healthy nutritious days.

Dr Emilova tried the method on herself in 1992. She was so impressed with the result that she decided to start a Clinic for treatment with fruit. Her experience in this field shows that fasting with fruit has the same healing effect as the water fast, but it is easier to take by the patients. Dr Emilova develops the method to a higher level, combining it with extensive tests done with the most advanced medical equipment. Thus the treatment without any risk can be applied for the cure of serious illnesses, which until recently was considered impossible. Dr Emilova was awarded the Michail Lomonosov Honour in 2007 for her personal contribution for the good relations between Russia and Bulgaria and for her high achievements in health care.

Diseases and complaints which are treated successfully with the program:

      • Respiratory system: chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, hey fever, bronchial asthma
      • Cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, varices (distended veins), hemorrhoids
      • Digestive system: chronic constipation, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, ulcer, chronic hepatitis, gall bladder stones
      • Reproductive system: chronic infections, irregular and painful periods, ovary cysts, uterine fibroids (miomas), sterility with different causes in both genders, menopause complaints, mestopathy, benign prostate enlargement (BPH)
      • Genitourinary system (GUS): chronic cystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, kidney stones, acute urinary infections
      • Degenerative diseases of the joints (coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis and other), osteoporosis, recovery after breaking of limbs)
      • Immune system: allergies, colds and other infections (e.g. herpes)
      • Endocrine system: hyperinsulinism, diabetes type II, thyroid gland diseases, hormonal imbalances
      • Nervous system: plexitis, radiculitis, neuritis, MS in an initial stages, neurosis, insomnia, anorexia/bulimia, headaches, migraine, epilepsy, enuresis, smoking and alcohol addiction
      • Skin: acne, urticaria, eczema, skin changes from autoimmune diseases, psoriasis, lupus, scleroderma
      • Metabolic diseases: obesity, gout, high lipids in the blood

Diseases which cannot be treated with fasting:

      • Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism) - in exceptional cases treatment is allowed when the hormone test results are normal
      • Chronic renal disease (Chronic kidney disease CKD)
      • Endometriosis - cannot be cured with the program, but treatment can be allowed
      • Diabetes type I
      • Severe infections
      • Psychiatric disturbances (schizophrenia, dysthymia and others)
      • Cancer and other malignant conditions - for prophylactic purposes, patients are allowed only in good condition, having undergone the standard, recommended treatment (operation, chemotherapy, etc.)
      • Rheumatoid arthritis in an advanced stage
      • Autoimmune diseases (lupus, etc.)
      • Severe anaemia (haemoglobin below 90 g/l)
      • Severe chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases
      • Severe endocrine disorders - (Addison, acromegalia, etc.)
      • Liver cirrhosis
      • Complicated peptic ulcers
      • Current treatment with high doses corticosteroids
      • Other serious illnesses in an advanced stages

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