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The woman had many diseases and Dr. Emilova helped her

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During the summer Maria and her husband live in Shuma village close to Sofia where they prefer to hide from the hot weather. Maria holds in her arms the eight-month-old baby boy Nikola which happens to be greatest miracle for the family and for all the people who know her.

The Shuma Village was the home of the whole big family of Maria. The house is very close to the place where her ancestors lived. Two years ago the woman and her husband decided to stay there, because this was their best chance to live in harmony with the nature.

Talking with Maria we could hardly believe that she had a lot of troubles and problems in her life. She was calm while she was telling her own story but from time to time she didn’t manage to find the right words and asked her husband Peter to explain the details. According the experts this reaction is normal, because the brain had erased the negative emotions in order to protect the heart. Restoring the terrible experience could be very painful and stressful.

In 2012 Maria had a severe accident. She was crossing the street and she got almost at the sidewalk when a car hit her with very high speed. She had trauma on the head and broken pelvis and was diagnosed with amnesia. Maria needed to learn to speak again, to overcome her fears and to cure the insomnia. She knew that the evil can be just around the corner. Unfortunately this was the case. Three years later suddenly at the age of 19 her daughter passed away. Her body and soul suffered. The woman put on weight and reached 96 kg for her height of 167 cm. Then Maria converted to the Orthodox Christianity and observed the Lent. Before that she ate a lot of processed starches, sweets and dairy products.

The life hit her again when her husband died. But very soon after that she met a man and married to him. Peter is a theologian and icon-painter. He just finished the iconostasis of the “St. Konstantin and Elena” Church in Kostinbrod Town. The man knew that following Christianity is even more important nowadays than the past.

The man has interest in the healthy life. With Maria they own almost all of the books on a subject of nutrition but didn’t manage to find which is the right information. They searched for another close-minded people and went to many conferences in order to cover the theory with personal impressions. Peter fasted without medical control using the Lidia Kovacheva’s advice. At home they changed the eating habits.

Maria wanted to cure the depression, searched for salvation and found Dr. Emilova Clinic. She went there in 2017 after she did 38 days water-fasting on her own. But without medical supervision the woman started the build-up at home and almost lost her life. Maria decided to drink fruit and vegetable juices but she vomited all the time. The tests proved that severe loss of potassium caused the heart problems, she was not able to move her hands and legs and she had blurred vision.

Dr. Emilova was not sure that she wanted to take the risk to accept this woman in the Clinic. Together with the consultant of the Clinic Veselin Stankov they recommended her to begin drinking the water of boiled rice. After some phone calls supported by her husband Maria went to Varna. Although she was lying the whole day in the room of the medical center she knew that there is still hope. “Even the thought that we were close to Dr. Emilova gave me faith that I could be saved” remembers the woman. Why did the woman choose exactly this medical center? - Maria answered immediately that everyone knows Dr. Emilova.

Maria had arrhythmia, hyperinsulinism, problems with the thyroid gland and different parts of her body was swollen. In order to overcome the electrolyte disbalance caused by the uncontrolled fasting, Dr. Emilova recommended her to drink vegetable broth made with potatoes, carrots and celery. Maria sipped a tea spoon every hour. The woman started to regain her energy and even wanted to try the healthy food in the medical center. When the patient came to the Clinic she weighed 49 kg and hardly managed to get up from the bed. Just one month later the woman was 53 kg with normal blood pressure, without any depression. She started to smile at the world.

Maria had managed to normalize her period and a it was obvious that her body was ready for another pregnancy. It happened, and was a miracle for her and her husband Peter. The baby Nikola was a symbol of the change which came in the heart, went through the brain and filled their souls with harmony and bliss.

Maria was telling briefly her sad story. She said that everyone has their own mission in this world and even if we make the progress slowly it should never demotivates us. During the pregnancy the woman walked 200 km for 5 days participating on a special tour “Following the path of St. Ivan Rilski” and she really provoked our admiration.

“Dr. Emilova is our remedy. She appeals to life in harmony with the nature” – said Maria and Peter and wish many people to come and meet Dr. Emilova. Following her instructions and advices the whole family is healthy. They eat natural food without animal products. They buy the bread from a friend’s bakery. Nikola is only breastfed and his first solid food will be prepared with fruits and veggies, which are already getting ripe in their garden. They hope that the child will receive healthy habits in the future.

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