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Dr. Emilova has the responsibility to teach us how to change our life

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For years, Krassimir has been interested in a healthy lifestyle. He read a lot of best selling authors. He also followed the articles on Internet. He wanted to find out if the great consumption of meat caused his father's death who ate a lot of meat at every meal. Krasimir's mother had vegetarian meals, fruits and vegetables and lived to ripe old age. The comparison was too convincing, and the man chose to look after his health, paying attention to the food.

Krassimir and his wife Aphroditа, started to eat more salads and healthy food, but they didn’t stop the consumption of meat, fish and dairy products. In 2016 there was a change in the life of Krassimir. He met Dr. Emilova and was impressed by her authority. Before that we watched some interviews on the TV of the famous doctor.

His blood pressure was 190/95. A long time ago Krassimir removed a stone from his right kidney and as a result he had some concrements. He was also treated with different medications because of his chronic cystitis. His urine had dark color because he drank a lot of beetroot juice every day. Dr. Emilova found out that instead of taking medication he had just to change the juice.

The doctor's advice for the man was to fast 10 days. It was very easy for him to do 7 days in the Clinic, but when he got back to work he failed. He was working as an observer for the EU mission Kosovo and his job was very stressful. He said that they received healthy food at high quality, which included chicken meat. From the lectures of doctor Emilova, Krassimir learns that the chickens were fed with many harmful hormones and antibiotics. He started to prepare his meals using healthy ingredients. He chose different vegetables from the canteen which have been served as a dressing to the cooked animal products. He put into the salad only lemon juice or avocado. By noon, he drank fresh squeezed juices made of carrots, apples, beetroot and lemon. He prepared also smoothies with spinach and fruits.

The man fasted only 7 days under strict medical control and had amazing results. Dr. Emilova advised him to take a Bulgarian probiotic. He was full of energy and managed to solve all the problems, to control the stress and to overcome the troubles. Once a week he did the water fasting.

When he left the Clinic, he ran 9 km several times a week in the mountains close to his work. It was very easy for him and he didn’t get tired. In the winter, a group of colleagues organized a 15 km. hiking in the mountains. The 59-year-old Krasimir finished 15 min. before the others and the youngest colleague at the age of 27 years old admired him

In the spring the man visited the medical center again. He didn’t have any complaints, his blood pressure was normal and he wanted to fast more often in order to keep the good results. Krasimir said that he decided to stay on the water fasting for a long time under the influence of Paul Breg’s book. But on the fourth or fifth day he wasn't feeling well. He had a chest pain and discomfort. After coronary angography the cardiologists found out narrowed arteries and prescribed medication. The patient also had appointments with some cardiologists in St. Zagora, but he did not receive the right diagnosis. He found the explanation in the Dr. Emilova Clinic. Krassimir did the appropriate medical check- ups and the results showed broken electrolyte balance. Because of the water fasting he decreased the level of potassium in the blood and this caused the arrhythmia. Dr. Emilova recommended a vegan diet and the man’s condition quickly improved.

Before coming to the Clinic in August 2019, Dr. Emilova recommended him to fast 12 days on watermelon and another 4 days on tomatoes. He did the build up in the Clinic and was very pleased with the taste of the delicious food prepared from the chef. He came with his wife Aphrodite and the 13-year-old son Christian. Before going back to Kosovo again, Krassimir gave to his wife a lot of books and healthy recipes, she read them and became a fan of the fasting program.

Aphrodita followed strictly all the instructions. It was easy for her to fast and she had no complaints. She worked in a real estate agency and went to work every day as usual. She was happy and had a lot of energy. However, Krasimir worried about his wife, he called her every day and insisted on breaking the fasting, because he already knew that she should not do the program without medical control. Aphrodita fasted 45 days and after that she did the build-up in a perfect way. She lost almost 4 kg and became 48 kg and for her height - 161 cm, this was the best weight.

She went for a walk with the dog – German shepherd and had sports activities outside in the open air several hours in the morning and evening. The woman was convinced that this “discipline” charged the cells and the soul with freshness.

Aphrodita never ate junk food. The family consumed healthy food – fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc. They loved eating cooked beans. Krasimir said that his wife was very good at the cooking of eggplant stew which usually takes 6 hours but the meal has a unique taste.

Krasimir and Aphrodita hope, that Christian will follow the example of his parents and will never eat junk food.

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