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Fruits give a lot of energy

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Last year Emil discovered the fruit fasting program. He read a lot of articles in Internet about the well- known Bulgarian doctor. He was interested in healthy eating and read many books and even tried to follow the Zone diet But he understood that all the diets are not good.

He came to Dr. Emilova's medical center in 2018. Many of his friends told him that he was not so ill and fat, and doesn’t need the fasting. But Emil wanted to know more about the fruit program and the good benefits of the fasting.

He came from the Dutch city Venlo. Last few years he lived and worked there. Before that Emil was in Norway for 3 years and worked in the building industry. He also was a truck driver in a famous Bulgarian company.

Before being a driver he worked 15 years in Greece. He went there for a few months in order to try the life abroad after the changes, and stayed with his family for a long time. Meanwhile the man hesitated whether to leave for Germany, where his relatives live from the beginning of last century. Greece was a kind of training for the new place. Living there, as a tradition he used to eat a lot of grilled meat every weekend.

Before the fasting his menu was very common with a lot of meat and fizzy drinks. He wasn’t eating regularly, very often he starved the whole day or had some junk food. For the last ten years he gained 10 kg and reached 81 kg at a height of 167 cm. He felt uncomfortable and got tired easily but didn’t manage to sleep well. He also tried different diets but he failed. Emil disliked counting grams, calories and checking the ingredients all time. Finally he realized that those diets were not good for him.
He fell in love immediately with the fasting program because it was very simple choosing natural products which are common for the Bulgarian country and following fruit fasting people had unique results. The man was also impressed that Dr. Emilova was not extreme and she is giving to every patient an individual advice.

Emil did the first fasting at the medical center. He fasted 20 days with 10 days build up. Until the fifth day the man had headache, but after that it disappeared completely. The doctor’s opinion was that Emil ha accumulated a lot of toxins and their quick removal caused the headache. Walking, hiking, and other sport activities organized at the medical center helped him quickly to overcome the discomfort. He had high blood pressure, persistent stomach acids and gastric reflux. The tests in the medical center showed high level of the "bad" LDL cholesterol and enlarged fatty liver.

For years Emil had а trusted doctor who prescribed reflux medications and explained that he should take them until the end of his life. The fruit treatment proved that this advice was wrong and entirely changed the patient’s attitude toward the official medicine which was not healing the people.

The man found many friends at the medical center. After the first fasting some people were very skeptic about the programme, and he did not hesitate to amend his relations with them.

After the first fasting programme he lost 6 kg – 2 kg of them there fats. During the build up he continued losing weight . Dr. Emilova recommended him to fast with fruits, tea and honey 4-5-6 days when it was new moon or full moon. If he had to travel or if there was any special occasion he fasted less than 4 days, but always after overeating he had to fast 1-2 days. He might eat meat at high quality but very rarely. Emil should never take fizzy drinks. The doctors in our medical center advised him to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Although there was a variety of organic products in the Netherlands, Emil preferred the taste and the smell of the Bulgarian vegetables and fruits. The Bulgarian pink tomatoes and the potatoes were so delicious they don’t need any spices or salt.

He loved the cooking classes of Vesko Stankov at the medical center and recorded how to prepare all the meals. At home he started to cook using healthy ingredients. Vesko Stankov recommended to the patients to use whole healthy natural plant-based products. This food was not only good for every cell in our body, but also easy to prepare and very delicious. Emil decided to buy some of the good cooking equipment in order to vary his menu.

His next visit in Dr. Emilova Clinic in Borovets, this summer, was 15 days. He did the fasting at the medical center and finished the program at home. He became 68 kg., he didn’t have any complaints and problems with the reflux. On two consecutive days, the man climbed to the Musala Peak and went to the 7 Rila Lakes, and many people were surprised that he had no muscle fatigue. He was feeling full of energy.

He will miss the time spent at the medical center because all of the medical check-ups, visitations and events during the day were well organized . Dr. Emilova and her team assure the best treatment and holiday, so Emil is already planning his next stay according to his work. He will also bring his daughter which is a student in Athens. The girl is an experienced dancer, trained by a famous Bulgarian woman. Emil said that his daughter is in good shape but she will have more energy from the fruit fasting and will meet personally Dr. Emilova.

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