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The young man follows strictly the fasting program

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Georgi found and estimated the fasting program after some obstacles in his career. He graduated the Professional School of Tourism in Varna where he had very good experienced teachers. The school has traditions and is highly respected in the city. Georgi and his classmates had to specialize in different professional areas: chef, waiter, confectioner and barman. So they had a prestigious degree which allows them to practice their jobs almost anywhere world.

After his graduation for two years Georgi was part of marine forces in a military base close to Varna. He mastered in cooking with a very few ingredients, preparing a lot of different dishes in order to satisfy the hunger of his colleagues. The common meals were made with beans and potatoes and varied once a week with a cheap fish and “meat” dishes which contained mostly bones and lard. During his duty, the military force received 10 tons of green beans and in order to cook them practically every day Georgi began to experience “green” nightmares. As a result of those kitchen activities he really started to hate the presence of many healthy foods in his own dish and as a bad habit he ate plenty of dough products usually big pieces of hot bread straight from the oven. He had to deliver the freshly baked product to the military base and couldn’t resist the smell of those dough products. Now he knows that this way of eating was shocking the body but he had to learn from his own mistakes.

Georgi started to work in a Hotel in Golden Sands Resort just three months after the military service and he worked there for 6 years. The all inclusive service was not a common practice in most of the Bulgarian hotels. The chefs cooked 8 warm and 8 cold dishes for lunch and dinner. Georgi chad to cook in front of the guests and that’s how he overcame his fear to communicate with people.

Georgi was very good in preparation of pizzas, sushi and Chinese food. He disliked frying a lot of different meals, sometimes even ice-cream. He said that the tourists usually consume everything without paying attention to the quality, what was more important for them was the quantity. In stead of being more healthy and energized while taking a rest in these beautiful resorts they got back home fatter and angry with the world surrounding them.

One and a half years ago Dr. Emilova and the chef of the Clinic invited the young man to join the team. He was impressed by the totally different cuisine which was a new challenge for him. He worked hard and thoroughly, he had to learn and read a lot of information about the way the healthy cooking is practiced. Georgi was lucky to have the experienced teacher, the chef of the Clinic – Ilia Iliev. Dr. Emilova was the main consultant, which was making the decision exactly what kind of food should be given to every patient.

The first working day started with... bad diagnose from the doctors. The new colleague was very upset because of the red spots on his face and the symptoms chronic fatigue. He underwent all of the medical check-ups and blood tests like every patient in the Clinic.

The man had high blood pressure 180/140 and he maintained it for such a long time. Georgi had severe headache and suffered from high amount of gastric acids and fatty liver. He weighed 96 kg, and according the doctor’s opinion for sure he would be a future patient with a lot of diagnoses and medications taken “until the rest of his life”. The young man was at the age of 35 and refused to be the victim of his bad habits. This was the moment when he decided to look after his health.

Georgi started to fast for 20 days because he knew that the program will help him. He ate a lot of juicy and sour fruits, for example tomatoes with lemon juice and also thin slices of quince.

He drank herbal tea and water. The first 4-5 days experienced bad headaches and rashes in different parts of his upper body which were the normal signs of detoxification. After the 10-th day the man had a lot of energy. The blood pressure normalized and the symptoms of illness disappeared. With the first fasting program Georgi lost 14 kg from which 10 kg came from body fat. He broke the fast with 10 days rebuilding phase, following strictly Dr. Emilova’s instructions. He could hardly wait to eat his favorite salad made from shredded carrots and cucumbers and the taste was amazing for his tongue. The cook couldn’t describe his feelings after tasting the first steamed potato at the beginning of the build-up. He knew that every patient had similar experience and will understand him.

Georgi did the fasting program in the Clinic. He underwent all the medical check-ups and followed the doctor’s recommendations and instructions. While working in the kitchen every day, there was enough time for him to listen to Dr. Emilova’s informative and emotional and lectures, which motivated him even more. He learned a lot about the bad food and even how to combine the healthy stuff – fruits, vegetables, greens, seeds, nuts, beans and legumes.

He never gave a thought, how he was able to prepare a lot of tasty and aromatic meals without even having a desire to taste them. The smell of the grilled food, which was his favorite before, didn’t tempt him. Nothing could change his opinion that if you want to become strong and healthy you have to overcome very different obstacles. Excuses and complaints don’t work, they just distant you from the salvation, which the fruit-fasting program of Dr. Emilova’s Clinic provides.

The young man adopt entirely new eating habits. He removed from his daily menu the favorite cakes, dishes with salty sauces and the large amount of bread. Georgi’s mother was very impressed by the improvement of her son and started to cook healthy meals which was also good for her health. His girlfriend also followed the example. She was already working in the restaurant of the hotel and her job was to cook mainly animal products, but she also managed to fast for 6 days and she knows now she is one of the followers.

The young man says that now he works in the kitchen of the medical center with pleasure. The team was well-balanced and accepted him as a part of the big family. And of course the real base of the team is Dr. Emilova and the man could not imagine how she finds time to speak with everyone and always makes some changes, which are good for the patients and for employees.

At the beginning of summer Georgi fasted for 20 days again. This time he ate mainly cherries, which were in season. The following build-up was as usual – 10 days. He started the day with a smile and he was whispering a “fruit” story to the bread while he was preparing it. He is responsible for the sourdough of the bread and is happy that they are allowed to use only wholegrain flour with 70% bran. The young man is now convinced that if more people find out about the benefits of the fasting program they will have the chance to increase their lifespan.

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