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A whole american family lives following Dr. Emilova’s fasting program

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For a long time Lizette Rolls witnessed the effect of the fruit-fasting program on her neighbor and friend Mariana. She is a Bulgarian, which visited the Clinic 16 years ago and every year she came back home happier, more cheerful and smiling. Lizette started her own research and found out that there was no place in the States, which can be compared to the results, which the patients in the Bulgarian Clinic are achieving. Mariana also visited many American Clinics, but her final choice was the fruit-treatment of Dr. Emilova.

Lizette trusted her Bulgarian friend and in 2015 they went together to the medical center. During her first visit she had a lot of good unexpected surprises. She already was in menopause and felt swollen and heavy with chronic fatigue. She felt like her body was not her own and no matter what she tried, it refused to function properly. She was taking medications to suppress the symptoms. According to the doctors in the States there was nothing to worry about, but Lizette was convinced that she had to change something in order to restore her normal life. In the Clinic she followed the advice and the recommendations of the Bulgarian doctor and she began to feel better.

The woman fasted for 14 days, lost 8 kg and started to feel more energized. During the process she didn’t suffer from headache or any other complaints. She managed to participate in all the exercises and sport activities. In the Clinic Lizette did 5 days build-up and continued at home following the individual plan, prescribed by Dr. Emilova.

The blood tests and the ultrasound showed that Lizette had a polyp in the gall bladder and stones in the kidneys. Thanks to the program, which she strictly followed, there was no need of any special operations or therapies. She also cured the bronchitis, from which she suffered for a long time and had to take many antibiotics. In 2016 Lizette came back to Dr. Emilova’s Clinic to remove what’s left from the old symptoms once and for all.

Before the meeting with Dr. Emilova the woman ate a lot of meat, cheese and processed starches. She tried to eat healthy food, but she failed. Her husband Mark followed his main principle – to eat everything he likes in great amount. After Lizette’s first visit in the Clinic her husband was impressed by her great results and decided next time to go together with his wife.

Everything was organized and the tickets were bought, but just 3 weeks before the planned trip to Bulgaria, the American doctors said to Mark that according the American Standards his results were perfect and he was absolutely healthy. So he hesitated about going to Dr. Emilova Clinic, but Lizette convinced him that it would be good to lose weight and to rest there. In the medical center the tests showed that the man had high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol, fatty liver, hyperinsulinism and overweight. At first, he was shocked, but he looked at the situation from another point of view. Following his wife’s advice, the man did the right thing, coming to Dr. Emilova’s Clinic, which saved him and his family a lot of different problems.

The Rollses were always very supportive and helping between each other. They have two daughters – Sterling at the age of 27 and Amanda at the age of 25. The younger one is married and lives in a house close to her parents. One of the many positive things about visiting the Clinic is that Amanda introduced everything she learned about the principles of healthy lifestyle to her husband.

Before coming to the Clinic Sterling was convinced that she had a lot of “incurable” diseases, but Dr. Emilova broke her illusions in a very positive way. One of the greatest gifts of the destiny to those two young women was following their parents’ example. Lizette and Mark stayed for 26 days in the Clinic at May 2016. They fasted for 18 days. The man lost 18 kg and had no symptoms of illnesses. Lizette said, that after they left the Clinic, Mark continued being a strict follower of the program.

The family eats only healthy food now. Mark absolutely forgot about his favorite white bread. They both eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and big portions of raw salads. The main dishes usually contain a large amount of different whole grains, beans and legumes. One of the favorite recipes, which she brought back home was the veggie nut burgers, which she learned during her stay in the Clinic. These days if they go out and have a piece of sugary dessert, on the next day they fast in order to remove the toxins, as Dr. Emilova recommended them.

Lizette is running her own financial business. She works at home and uses every opportunity to be physically active. The woman arranged her own gym and sauna. In the last few years, actively riding a bicycle and doing yoga exercises, she reached her perfect BMI and she is 55 kg at height of 165 cm. She looks very sporty and after the improvement of her daughter Sterling, thanks to Dr. Emilova, she always has a smile on her face. Of course, sometimes there are tears, but they are caused by excitement, joy and deep respect to the Bulgarian doctor.

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