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“I believe in miracles” says the young woman

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A scary novel can be written about the life of Sterling Rolls from the USA . But in order to believe that the novel has a happy end the young woman shares her story without paying a lot of attention to her diseases and nightmares, but mostly to the fact that there is an exit from any difficult situation, based on personal motivation and life choices.

Sterling came with her mother Lizette and her younger sister Amanda to Dr. Emilova Clinic in April this year. Back in 2015 her mother visited the Clinic for the first time and the next year she brought her husband Mark. They both did the fasting program and followed strictly the medical instructions and recommendations although they were in pretty good shape and health.

Sterling was born 3 months before the term and she had to spend those months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). During the pregnancy the mother drank gallons of milk and she believes that this created the cyst in the ovary. The tests of the fetus showed some damages but they were not fatal. After the birth little Sterling grew in the hospitals and instead of toys she had a lot of medications around. All of her relatives and friends was worried about her.

At the age of 3, Sterling had operation of the eyes. During her childhood the girl was always sick, she had an allergy towards the milk and the dairy products and the family went from doctor to doctor, without any hope for improvement. In the puberty she had severe bleeding which continued 10 years.

The doctors tried to overcome this horror by giving her hormonal tablets and injections. The doses significantly increased without any effect. The girl was depressed. She started to faint because her blood pressure was 50/30 and the hemoglobin was too low. In the hospital Sterling had 4 blood transfusions but wasn’t feeling any better at all. Three years ago breaking the deadlock the doctors surgically removed the uterus of the young woman in order to stop the bleeding. But the hormonal treatment had to continue and it seemed that there’s no hope for salvation. She had MRSA infection, acne and obstinate rash on the whole body, chronic fatigue and insomnia.

They prescribed her a lot of antibiotics in great doses. After taking those pills for such a long time she became resistant. Sterling suffered with osteoporosis and gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the both knee joints). Those illnesses were a side effect of the gynecological operation. She experienced chronic pain and she was not able to use those joints in an optimal way. About a year ago she had pelvic inflammatory disease caused by a fungal infection.

The young woman had to stay very often in bed but she tried to eat healthy foods, which was prepared from her mother using Dr. Emilova’s advice. From the animal products Sterling ate a little bit of meat, fish and eggs. The natural food attracted her: vegetarian meals, salads and fruits. Because of her chronic colitis, gastritis, constipation and very often vomiting, this nutrition made her feel better. In spite of all the problems the girl managed to save her spirit. She decided to come to Bulgaria full of hope for healing and recovery.

In the Clinic the young woman fasted for 16 days, then she had 10 days build-up. The first 4 days she didn’t feel weak. On the third week she had a lot of energy and could walk up the stairs, which she was not able at the beginning. Sterling did the yoga classes and Dr. Emilova recommended her detox procedures – sauna, massages and ionophoreses.

At the end of the program finally the laboratory tests showed improvement without a lot of medications and she was not experiencing any symptoms of illness. It was amazing that the doctors managed to control the MRSA infection, which was incurable. Sterling didn’t have any acne or rash on the body, there were no more gastric complaints, she started to sleep well and as a miracle she didn’t suffer any more from headache. To her Dr. Emilova is not just a healer, she is an angel, which people of the whole world need. “The Bulgarian doctor brought me back to life and I realized that the Clinic was the right place for my recovery. I believe I can live without diseases” said Sterling. Because of her weak immune system and chronic fatigue the 27 year-old woman she was not able to graduate, but she will always have the support of her parents and her younger sister Amanda.

Amanda also did the fasting program although she didn’t have any healthy problems. She wanted to fast because she was just got married and is planning to have children. At this important stage of her life the future mother wants to achieve a healthy detoxified body. She fasted for 16 days followed by the usual 10 days build-up. In spite of her pretty good shape, she lost 4,6 kg, from which 4,1 kg were fats. Dr. Emilova said, that those were excessive toxins, which she removed in a most effective way. The only problem with the blood tests was a Vitamin D3 deficiency, so the doctors prescribed her a very good bioavailable supplement.

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