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The Woman is convinced, that if you keep the faith, you can be cured

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The official medicine was treating Nikolett Loczi in a wrong way and as a result she was 100 kg, sick and stiff. In the past she was a model – for her height of 167 cm she weighed 57 kg. Before 20 years Nikolett moved to the United Kingdom and now the woman is a manager of a famous shopping chain there.

In 2009 her left pelvic joint was surgically replaced. The 50 cm section didn’t heal, because of a severe infection caused by an incompetent intervention. It was necessary to do another operation and after that the woman was not feeling well. Dealing with the chronic pain the doctors prescribed her a lot of pain-killers in order to suppress the symptoms. The treatment included also physiotherapy, but with a very little or no effect at all.

Nikolett had lymph stagnation, which caused swellings of her face and the body. She suffered from headache and insomnia, usually followed by moments when she was not able to breath very well. The woman was stiff and all the time needed food to calm down and to suppress the panic attacks. She was depressed, disappointed and angry to the world.

To ease her mind, Nikolett started to eat a lot of cakes, processed starches and dairy products. She put on weight, but the doctors didn’t advise her to eat healthy food. They only prescribed her medications and sent her home without any improvement of her condition. They diagnosed her with asthma and suggested that she need to use the inhalator constantly because of the breathing problem. In reality she was not ill. The problem was caused by the panic attacks. It seemed that there was no way to escape from the vicious circle. The official medicine failed, so everything was in the hands of God, in which she truly believed. In this situation she had no choice, but to start her own research for alternative treatment.

A friend of hers visits regularly the Clinic. Nikolett never stopped to wonder how come every time, when she comes back she is in better health and good looking. The woman asked her friend about the fasting program and decided that this was the right place for her. Nikolett’s first visit was in 2018. Her condition was already far from ideal and the medical tests showed even worse – she had fatty liver. At the beginning Nikolett managed to walk just a few meters on her crutches.

„I was nervous about the fasting program and what would happen with me in this new place” remembers Nikolett. She knew that there was no other chance for her to became healthy and it was better to undergo the alternative program of Dr. Emilova. There was nothing to lose any more but the hope for salvation. And it happened.

After 3-4 days of fasting in the Clinic the woman was able to climb several stairs on her own and felt like she released a lot of pressure out of her body. She was not disappointed and enjoyed her stay. Everyone from the team, the daily events and the attitude of the other patients made her experience very special. She was also encouraged from Dr. Emilova, receiving even more support and energy.

„The lectures are amazing” says the woman. They are based on the experience, which Dr. Emilova has with thousands of patients from the whole world. Nikolett fasted for 15 days in the Clinic and then continued 5 more days at home. She did 10 days build-up. When the woman was in Bulgaria she ate a lot of fresh figs and watermelon, which was giving her the right amount of energy.

During the first stay at the Clinic, she didn’t manage to do most of the sport activities, but she swam twice a day and in order to restore her muscles she did aqua gymnastics. Nikolett liked the salty room and the other relaxing procedures which Dr. Emilova prescribed. Her body was not swollen any more. She started to sleep well, the hair and the skin was shining, the headache was gone.

Nikolett changed her eating habits. From the animal kingdom she chose just wild caught fish, once a week. She began to use a lot of coriander for her smoothy in order to solve the lymph stagnation. Patient visited the cooking class at Dr. Emilova’s Clinic and had many recipes for different plant-based dishes. She started to cook using healthy and high quality ingredients. Not only her body got cleaner, but also her the mind. This amazing effect really surprised her.

For Nikolett was difficult to imagine how swollen, confused and stiff being she was. She is not saving her words of thankfulness to the Bulgarian doctor, which not just helped her to walk, but also showed her the world from another side. Dr. Emilova gives knowledge how to be healthy and to live in harmony with nature. Nikolett reached 77 kg and is still continuing to lose weight, following the advice of the doctors at the Clinic. She started to go for long walks without taking any medication.

She is planning her next stay at the Clinic, because it became a special place for her with a lot of positive energy. Dr. Emilova is an authority, which people in the whole world need. Nikolett encourages everyone, suffered from any disease, to believe that they can be healthy and can always receive the right advice. She is now convinced that this is the most successful program.

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