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The Fasting Program of Dr. Emilova gave a new start of my life, the woman says

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Being desperate, Zlatka went to Medical Center Dr. Emilova in 2005. A year ago, while skiing, she broke the right knee and had also muscle disorder. The doctors put two screws in the knee and the whole joint was in plaster. This was not the end of her suffering, because the bones did not heal in the proper way. The pain was so strong, that sometimes she was feeling her body deformed and curved. Zlatka had severe back pain, persistent headache and was not able to sleep well.

The doctors recommended another operation, but they discovered osteoporosis, which made this intervention impossible. They explained her that she should live with a deformed leg until the age of 55 when the joint could be replaced. In 2004 multiple medical tests proved the diagnose of the osteoporosis and the woman took many medications, but with no sign of improvement.

Zlatka remembers now that being desperate because of her physical condition, she also surrendered mentally. Her daughter was nearly 2 years old and the woman refused to believe that she will be always helpless and will never manage to look after her, because of the persistent suffering.

The woman fasted for 20 days in Dr. Emilova’s Clinic and had surprisingly amazing effect, which encouraged and inspired her. ”I saw the light” – said Zlatka and explained that with the pain her negative thoughts also disappeared. During the fasting program she was feeling very well, then the woman did 10 days build-up and was already sure that this was the right way to achieve the impossible health, according the official medicine.

Zlatka’s lifestyle changed entirely. In order to defeat the osteoporosis, the woman started to eat ground sesame seeds and following the advices of Dr. Emilova, she reduced the consumption of dairy products. The tests showed preserved bone density and stable condition of the joints, which allowed the doctors to make the operation of the leg. She found the right trusted doctor and in 2007 he performed the successful intervention. Zlatka knows now, that the main reason for the success was the fasting program, the positive way of thinking and her faith.

Before meeting Dr. Emilova, Zlatka ate a lot of processed starches, meat and cheese. After her experience at the medical center, her husband supported her in the idea which foods are healthy and they entirely changed their menu. They live in Dubai and have three children. Fortunately, the doctors there were wrong, explaining her that she will have problems with the pregnancy, because she took a lot of medications for the osteoporosis. Her oldest son is 16, the younger boy is 8 and her daughter is 10. Last August the young girl was with Zlatka at the medical center in Borovets.

The child listened to every word of Dr. Emilova, fasted for 5 days and was feeling wonderful. From the morning lectures of Dr. Emilova, Zlatka took the inspiration to remove many different foods from her menu. She began to choose very carefully what she gives to her children. The woman is now using the recipes of Vesselin Stankov from the cooking class and the information from the books of Joel Fuhrman. The family eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, chickpeas, mushrooms and nuts. Zlatka adds the favorite avocado almost to every meal. From the animal foods the family eats only wild caught sea bass just once a week.

Because of her children, Zlatka needed to graduate in English school in Dubai and now she is working there as a teacher and has more time for her family. The woman is convinced that every minute spent with her children is important, because it is an investment in their future healthy lifestyle and harmony.

The whole family is fasting for 20 days at least once a year. Additionally the mother fasts several days every month. The program helped her with other problems also. After the birth of the youngest child, she put on some weight and because of the dusty air in Dubai Zlatka suffered from asthma. The doctors prescribed two types of inhalators, but sadly with no improvement.

The condition of her lungs was getting worse and worse and the woman decided to follow the advice of Dr. Emilova. She removed all the dairy products from her diet and the asthma disappeared together with the “obligatory” inhalators. Zlatka is convinced that the fasting program helped her even in such a serious situation.

The woman came to the Clinic in August and fasted for 10 days. She did the build-up at home and lost 4,5 kg. Zlatka is planning to visit the Clinic next summer again and to enjoy the nice atmosphere there, created by Dr. Emilova and her team.

Following the advice of Dr. Emilova, the woman is fasting frequently, doing a lot of sport. Every day she is riding bicycle for 20 km and regularly is doing Bikram yoga. In the medical center, Zlatka participated at all of the organized sport activities and events. She especially enjoyed the folk dances, which she already mastered in Dubai, where she is a part of Bulgarian folk assemble “Zdravets”. This was her own way to keep the good mood and to overcome the nostalgia, which she feels for motherland.

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