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Diseases and complaints which are treated successfully with the program:

      • Respiratory system: chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, hey fever, bronchial asthma
      • Cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, varices (distended veins), hemorrhoids
      • Digestive system: chronic constipation, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, ulcer, chronic hepatitis, gall bladder stones
      • Reproductive system: chronic infections, irregular and painful periods, ovary cysts, uterine fibroids (miomas), sterility with different causes in both genders, menopause complaints, mestopathy, benign prostate enlargement (BPH)
      • Genitourinary system (GUS): chronic cystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, kidney stones, acute urinary infections
      • Degenerative diseases of the joints (coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis and other), osteoporosis, recovery after breaking of limbs)
      • Immune system: allergies, colds and other infections (e.g. herpes)
      • Endocrine system: hyperinsulinism, diabetes type II, thyroid gland diseases, hormonal imbalances
      • Nervous system: plexitis, radiculitis, neuritis, MS in an initial stages, neurosis, insomnia, anorexia/bulimia, headaches, migraine, epilepsy, enuresis, smoking and alcohol addiction
      • Skin: acne, urticaria, eczema, skin changes from autoimmune diseases, psoriasis, lupus, scleroderma
      • Metabolic diseases: obesity, gout, high lipids in the blood

Diseases which cannot be treated with fasting:

      • Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism) - in exceptional cases treatment is allowed when the hormone test results are normal
      • Chronic renal disease (Chronic kidney disease CKD)
      • Endometriosis - cannot be cured with the program, but treatment can be allowed
      • Diabetes type I
      • Severe infections
      • Psychiatric disturbances (schizophrenia, dysthymia and others)
      • Cancer and other malignant conditions - for prophylactic purposes, patients are allowed only in good condition, having undergone the standard, recommended treatment (operation, chemotherapy, etc.)
      • Rheumatoid arthritis in an advanced stage
      • Autoimmune diseases (lupus, etc.)
      • Severe anaemia (haemoglobin below 90 g/l)
      • Severe chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases
      • Severe endocrine disorders - (Addison, acromegalia, etc.)
      • Liver cirrhosis
      • Complicated peptic ulcers
      • Current treatment with high doses corticosteroids
      • Other serious illnesses in an advanced stages

We have 95 guests and no members online