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thumb aza09The treatment program is carried out at the Clinic. It is a combination of an  individual nutrition plan and a variety of therapeutic procedures- sauna, massage, spa treatments and physical activities. The medical supervision is at an exceptionally high level. It included consultations, many tests, daily check-ups of weight, pulse, blood pressure and urine tests by 6 indicators. The patient has a personal doctor with whom he or she can share his or her complaints and receive advice at any moment.

The base of the healing effect is fasting plan. The objective is to stimulate the natural healing and cleansing processes in the body. If the patient has no particular illnesses, the main part of the program is a way of relaxation and fruit fasting, including 1-2 kg of fruits and 4 herb teas per day. No other food is allowed during the fast. The exception are only the freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables and freshly made vegetable broth. The fast usually lasts 15-20 days, after which there is a build-up period, which slowly introduces different healthy foods into the menu. The build-up lasts half the time of the fasting. The fast with fruits and tea is easily taken and does not usually create a sense of hunger. Apart from have a strong healing effect it also leads to weight loss when that is necessary.

thumb med09An ECG, body impedance metric weight measurement, an ultrasound of the abdominal organs and full blood test analysis according to 30 indicators is done for every patient at the beginning of their program. When needed additional consultations and tests are done: a Doppler ultrasound of the blood vessels, ultrasound tests of the mammary and thyroid glands, hormonal blood tests and tumour marker tests, gynaecologist check-ups, an ultrasound of the heart, bone density test, spirometric tests, Hplter ECG, endoscopic test of the digestive system. This is done in order to have a full overview of the health status of the patient, and to allow the treatment to be done without any risk.

People who have psychological problem can go through psychotherapy. If people have a movability problem, they can have manual and physiotherapy. The hydrocolon therapy in combination with the fast and the probioticis consumption gives an optimal detox effect. There are morning exercises, Tibetan rituals, walks with a guide, lectures, films about health living and eating, several times a week- yoga, calanetics, chi gun classes, sport dances, Bulgaria folk dances, disco nights, sightseeing trips every day of the week.

The clinic offers 4 programs. They differ according to the food regime and the therapies included in the packet price:

Programs Menu Healing-cleansing effect
Fruit fast 1-2 kg of fruits + 4 teas with honey ++++
Build up Build up menu ++
Health nutrition Health nutrition menu by your choice +
Detox Health nutrition menu by your choice + massages, sauna, hydrocolon therapy, probitics +++

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