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Clinic “Dr. Emilova”

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“It doesn’t matter how many years we will be in this world. The important thing is to have life in our years, not years in our lives. The important thing is while we’re alive, regardless of how long we’ll live, to be healthy, to have our wits about us, as the old people say.” | Dr. Emilova

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Welcome to the official website of Dr. Emilova’s Clinic!

We carry out diagnostic activities, prevention of risk conditions and treatment of a large number of diseases with natural methods and mainly fruit and tea unloading regime (softened fasting treatment).

Immerse yourself in the world of natural medicine, with the help of which you can achieve the health you have always dreamed of! Staying at the clinic will allow you to master the intricacies of a healthy lifestyle. This is done through talks, lectures, videos and a variety of literature, activities, events, sports and medical control.

Comprehensive care

Here, each patient is close to the heart of the doctor who observes, supports and guides them. Thus, we help them find his way to a better quality and healthier life.

Clinic “Dr. Emilova” is the only holistic clinic in the world that applies Lidiya Kovacheva’s method, called soft fasting. This is a regimen of fruits and tea, which is carried out according to the results of the examinations, the patient’s desire and the doctor’s instructions.


Holistic treatment methods are combined with in-depth medical analyses, consultations, psychotherapy and various healing procedures.

Fasting and healthy eating

Fasting treatment with us is combined with active rest, fresh air, sun exposure, motor exercises, spiritual-energy practices, physical therapy, psychotherapy, hydrocolontherapy, therapeutic massages, water procedures and health information. Only such an environment is able to bring the body of a modern person closer to true health, and in order to achieve this goal, we need complete familiarity with the health status of each patient. That is why we have a team of highly qualified specialist doctors.

Dr. Emilova’s Clinic was founded back in 1993 in Varna, Bulgaria by Dr. Lyudmila Emilova, a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology and rheumatology and health management.


Medical supervision

More than 50,000 patients from all over the world have undergone treatment and prevention with us. The vast experience we have gained over the years has given us the opportunity to conduct and publish a series of scientific studies in the field of therapeutic fasting. The atmosphere in the clinic is quiet, pleasant, allowing for complete active relaxation. In order to avoid any risk, with us, the fasting treatment is carried out under the conditions of 24-hour medical supervision, under the control of the most modern equipment.


Healthy life

In the “Dr. Emilova” clinic, individual nutritional programs are prepared for the period after fasting and build-up. These programs are completely vegan.

The clinic is a real University of Health, as our patients call it. Every morning, Dr. Lyudmila Emilova or a member of her team gives a lecture on health topics and answers questions.

Every patient is unique to us! Not a single question is left unanswered, due to the continuous relationship, trust and support established between doctors and patients














Programs and Healing

Medical programs

Healing with Fruits

Special feeding


Exercises and Activities



Hidrokolon Therapy

Custom Massages

Water treatments

Personal Food Plan

Complete Medical Diagnosis

Fasting is the most ancient remedy that is instinctively triggered when a living creature is ill. It temporarily stops eating and sometimes drinking, hides somewhere and after a while comes out healed.

Man, noticing this behavior in animals, successfully applies it to himself to this day. The method is called medical fasting, therapeutic treatment, dosed fasting, unloading regimen, and today some specialists use the more accurate term unloading-diet therapy.














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