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  • Admission to Dr. Emilova’s clinic is only possible after a prior reservation by phone. Acceptance of patients without reservations is not guaranteed.

  • Entrants are required to bring medical documentation (examinations) describing their illnesses, as well as a bathing suit, sports equipment and sneakers.

  • Those wishing to be treated without staying at the clinic can receive an on-site consultation with Dr. Emilova or a doctor from her team after a prior appointment.

  • “Dr. Emilova” Clinic has the right to refuse service to patients who are subject to another type of treatment or whose health condition does not allow a prolonged stay with us.

  • The medical team does not administer treatment from a distance (by phone or email), nor does it give specific nutrition recommendations or conduct dietary programs to people who have never visited Dr. Emilova Clinic.

  • For reservations and information about prices and conditions, please call, write an email or make an inquiry.


D-r Emilova Clinic
Aqua Azur Hotel
Saints Constantine and Helena Resort

Varna, Bulgaria

hotel “Aqua Azur” - “St. St. Constantine and Elena” resort

with the option of accommodation in the 5* luxury The Palace Hotel

From October to May, the clinic operates in the Black Sea resort of “St. St. Constantine and Elena”, which is 10 km north of Varna. The four-star hotel “Aqua Azur”, located 100 m from the seashore, provides its facilities for those who need the clinic. It has 3 swimming pools, various water treatments, a sauna, massages, a solarium, fitness and beauty treatments. Send us an inquiry so that we can check the admission possibilities, consult you and predict your stay at the clinic.

hotel “Borovets Hills” - "Borovets" resort

follow information about periods and dates of reception in Borovets

During the summer months of July and August, the clinic operates in the five-star “Borovets Hills”, one of the most modern and elegant high-mountain hotels in Bulgaria. It is located at an altitude of 1500 m in the mountain resort of Borovets, at a distance of 70 km from the capital Sofia. For the convenience of its guests, the Borovets Hills hotel offers an indoor pool, steam bath, sauna, Turkish hammam, tepidarium, vertical and horizontal solarium, jacuzzi, massages, fitness center and a cozy relaxation room.

Re-gaining your health requires qualified help and a favorable environment.

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Hotel Aqua Azur –

Saints Constantine and Helena

Hotel Borovets Hills – Borovets Resort

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