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Therapeutic fruit fasting, build-up and nature-based vegan nutrition – these are the main programs that you can choose individually or sequentially with us. They are based on our many years of experience in fasting treatment, as well as on modern nutrition science. Here you can get individual vegan meal plans at home if you wish.

“Be moderate in all things, breathe fresh air, cleanse your skin every day and exercise… and treat a small pain better with fasting than with medicine.”.


4 Types of Programs

Fasting treatment

Menu: 1-2 kg of fruit + 4 teas with honey   Category of healing and detoxing effect: ++++ | Make an inquiry | Read details below.

This is a standard program that is a softened form of medical fasting with a daily intake of about 1 kg of raw fruit and four herbal teas with honey. Fresh juices from fruits and vegetables and naturally prepared vegetable broth are added to them later. The fasting treatment program does not include any other food and is suitable for patients without contraindications for its implementation. This nutritional regimen has a powerful cleansing and healing effect on the body, and is therefore called an unloading regimen (softened fasting treatment). Most often, it lasts 15-20 days and is necessarily followed by a build-up.

The program includes:

  • hotel room
  • a package of blood tests for the following indicators: hemoglobin, erythrocytes, hematocrit, leukocytes, platelets, ESR, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, creatinine, GGT, ALT, AST, total bilirubin, total protein, uric acid, TSH
  • movement activities: yoga, folk dance lessons, sports dance lessons, pilates, Chinese gymnastics, lectures, morning serenity, guided walks, films and video recordings of interviews, pool, sauna and fitness
  • herbal teas and honey
  • ultrasound examination of abdominal organs
  • cleansing iontophoresis every 5 days
  • ECG and measuring body composition on the Tanita device
  • examination by a doctor from the team, daily visits and round-the-clock
  • medical supervision
  • one consultation with Dr. Emilova every 10 days
  • sonographic examination of carotid arteries for stays of 10 or more days
  • lectures by Dr. Emilova and culinary school

All other additional procedures and examinations, consultations with specialists, supplements, probiotics, fruits and fresh juices are paid separately.


Menu: build-up by scheme | Category of healing and purifying effect: ++ | Make an inquiry | Read details below.

The build-up is a smooth return to normal natural nutrition. After 20 days of healing fasting, the build-up is 10 days. Gradually, a variety of raw vegetables are included in the diet, then raw nuts, fresh spices, and then cooked vegetables, cooked vegan foods. The build-up is the most difficult part of the fasting treatment. And the most responsible, because not strictly following the instructions for the build-up or shortening this stage can erase the achieved effect and even have unpleasant consequences for the body. That is why it is good to do it under medical supervision following a scheme determined by the doctor, as it happens in the clinic. Long-term patients can also do the build-up at home, following the advice of our doctors. The opposite is also possible – if patients have started fasting on fruits and tea at home, they can come to us for the build-up and, if they wish, for subsequent natural nutrition regimen. At the end of this program, some of the medical tests are repeated that clearly show the effect of fasting treatment.

Natural nutrition regimen

Menu: healthy food of choice | Category of healing and purifying effect: + | Make an inquiry | Read details below.

You can choose this program on its own or as a continuation of the fasting treatment and build-up. The program is based entirely on the principles of a complete vegan diet with plant foods. You can choose the foods you prefer, as well as indicate the ones you don’t want to be on your menu. Every day you will have a freshly prepared lunch that includes a soup, raw vegetable salad and a cooked dish, and in the evening – a salad and a dish accompanied by chickpea bread, freshly baked in our kitchen. Vegan food excludes animal products, and this helps the body unload toxins, regulates the digestive system, supports immunity, supplies the body with invaluable vitamins, minerals and substances.

“Natural Nutrition” program includes all listed services from the “Fruit Treatment” program plus twice daily meals with natural food of your choice.

Complete full program

Menu: healthy menu of choice + massages, sauna, hydrocolontherapy, probiotics | Category of healing and purifying effect: +++ | Make an inquiry | Read details below.

Another variant of the standard program is the full program, which includes additional examinations and various cleansing and healing procedures. In addition to all the listed services from the Fruit Treatment program, the price package of the complete program offers: ultrasound examination of the thyroid (and mammary glands in women), echocardiography, sonographic examination of cerebral arteries, cleansing iontophoresis, 10 massages, three procedures of hydrocolon therapy and osteometry.

The minimum stay for a full program is 14 days. All services beyond the mentioned are paid separately.

Participation in the various programs happens according to the client’s wishes and his state of health. If you are hesitant, the choice of program can be made after admission and the relevant medical examination.

It is possible to switch from one program to another during the stay.

For the period after leaving the clinic, it is possible to have an individual nutritional programs prepared by a specialist.

The basis of the therapeutic effect of the programs is the fruit fasting diet. Its purpose is to stimulate the natural healing and cleansing processes in the body. If there are no specific diseases, most of the time the regime is a softened fruit fasting, including 1-2 kg of fruit and 4 herbal teas per day. Apart from them, the fasting treatment program does not allow other foods. Exceptions are freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and naturally prepared vegetable broth.

Fasting usually lasts 15-20 days, after which the build-up begins, which represents a smooth transition to natural nutrition. The build-up usually lasts half the time of the fasting treatment and contains raw vegetables, nuts and cooked foods. Fasting softened by fruit and tea is easily tolerated and almost never leads to a feeling of hunger. In addition to a beneficial effect in terms of health, it also achieves a significant weight reduction.

An electrocardiogram, measurement of body composition (body impedance measurement), echography of abdominal organs and a detailed blood analysis of 30 indicators are performed on each patient. If necessary, a consultation with a specialist and additional tests are carried out: Doppler sonography of blood vessels, ultrasound of thyroid and mammary glands, hormonal blood tests and tumor markers, OBGYN examination, echocardiography, spirometry, Holter ECG, endoscopy of the digestive system. This is done in order to fully clarify the patient’s health condition, assess the treatment effect and carry out the program without any risk.

For people with neuropsychological problems, the possibility of psychotherapy is provided, and for complaints related to the musculoskeletal system, the clinic offers manual and physiotherapy. The special hydrocolonotherapy procedure, in combination with fasting treatment and taking probiotics, gives an optimal detoxifying effect. Every day there are morning gymnastics, Tibetan rituals, guided walks, a variety of lectures and videos about the nature-based way of treatment and living, and several times a week – callanetics, yoga, Chinese gymnastics, sports dance lessons, Bulgarian folk dances, a disco and excursions by bus to places of interest.






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