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Dr. Lyudmila Emilova was born in Varna, Bulgaria in 1943. She graduated from the Varna Medical Institute in 1969, subsequently acquiring specialties in internal medicine and rheumatology and cardiology. Despite her rich knowledge and experience in the field of official medicine, in 1991, Dr. Emilova found herself with numerous chronic diseases.

“It doesn’t matter how many years we will be in this world. The important thing is to have life in our years, not years in our lives. The important thing is while we’re alive, regardless of how long we’ll live, to be healthy, to have our wits about us, as the old people say.”

Dr. Emilova


By chance, she met the famous Bulgarian naturopath Lidiya Kovacheva, from whom the doctor learned about the miracles of softened fasting with fruits and tea with honey. By repeatedly applying the system to herself and changing her diet, in one year she managed to cure severe migraines, chronic gastritis and colitis, hepatic steatosis, anemia and atony of the gallbladder. Impressed by the good result, the doctor decided to dedicate her life to her patients who want to be treated with this system.

Thus, on May 5, 1993, Dr. Emilova founded her clinic, working according to the methods of natural science medicine. In the beginning, the doctor was alone, but gradually more and more young people joined her, excited by the miraculous power of fasting treatment. Most of them have overcome their own health problems through this system, or have been disappointed by the limited possibilities of conventional medicine. The team of the clinic today employs 10 doctors, using the most modern equipment..

In 1996, Dr. Emilova became a member of the Medical Association of the American Society for Natural Hygiene and shared her experience with other colleagues practicing therapeutic fasting. In 2007, the doctor was awarded the “Mikhail Lomonosov” medal for her merits and personal contribution to the development of friendly relations between the peoples of Russia and Bulgaria and for high achievements in the preservation of human health. In 2008, Dr. Emilova graduated with a master’s degree in health management.

So far, tens of thousands of patients have passed through the doors of the clinic, and all those who follow her recommendations are already healthy, slender, rejuvenated and, above all, confident that their self-esteem, good appearance and longevity depend on themselves..

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive examinations and diagnostics

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Programs for healthy lifestyle and nutrition

Re-gaining your health requires qualified help and a favorable environment.

The facts

In 1992, Dr. Lyudmila Emilova applied the system to herself and, impressed by its impact, decided to found a Fruit Treatment Clinic. Her experience in this field shows that fruit fasting has the same healing effect as water fasting, but is much more easily tolerated by patients. Dr. Emilova raises fasting treatment to an even higher level, combining it with precise examination with the most modern medical equipment. This allows serious diseases to be treated without risk using this system, which until recently was considered impossible.

It is curious and at the same time only natural that most of the great names in fasting treatment have tried the system successfully on themselves. Many of them, from seriously ill people doomed by official medicine, have managed to turn themselves into healthy and energetic long-lived people. For example, Paul Bragg died at the age of 81 in perfect health from an accident. Jennings lived to be 86, Shelton – 90, Yuri Nikolaev – 93, Otto Buchinger – 88, Lydia Kovacheva – 88, Petar Dimkov – 95.

"Fruit, tea and honey saved me from surgery"

Vladina Tsvetkova, Sofia

"For three generations we have trusted Dr. Emilova"

Lozka Todorova, Plovdiv

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