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Therapeutic fasting

The great Hippocrates (460-370 BC) said: “Be moderate in all things, breathe fresh air, daily cleanse your skin and exercise…and treat a small pain better with fasting than with medicine.”. Softened therapeutic fasting with fruits and herbal tea with honey (fruit therapy) is a basic therapeutic method in Dr. Emilova’s clinic. It includes intake of 1-2 kilograms of fresh seasonal fruits and freshly squeezed juices, alternated with herbal teas with honey.

Fruits food therapy

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Therapeutic fasting


Medical supervision

Trainings and lectures

To maintain the good results of the fasting treatment after you return home, we teach you about a healthy lifestyle and diet. Every morning, Dr. Emilova gives lectures on various diseases and the causes that lead to them. You will learn a lot about nutrition and the most common mistakes related to it.

During the meetings with the attending physician, you receive guidance and advice. The doctor guides the implementation of the fasting treatment, explaining the individual nutritional and exercise regime. In addition, he will answer all questions related to your health and proper lifestyle.

Educational films

Films about the benefits of fasting and a healthy lifestyle are projected every night. We also offer a large selection of printed and video materials on these topics. To maintain the good results of the fasting treatment after you return home, we teach you about a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Culinary school

This is where you can see in practice what you have been taught. During the hour-long cooking lectures, patients learn many and various facts about the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed plant foods. They get a demonstration of how to easily and efficiently prepare incredibly delicious recipes that even the biggest critics cannot resist. They are additionally instructed on how to find and store the needed raw products. At the end of the culinary school, it is possible to taste a miniature amount of the prepared dishes, which does not compromise with your fasting treatment, while at the same time will give you the opportunity to believe the lecturer’s words about taste and ease of preparation.

Science and literature

Our great experience in the application of fruit healing amongst a wide range of diseases and the huge amount of accumulated data enabled us to conduct a series of scientific studies on the effect of the program. They indisputably proved its rapid beneficial health effect and were met with great interest in scientific circles. Thus, fruit healing is no longer just a traditional natural remedy, but a powerful science-based therapeutic method. Here are some of our scientific publications:

  • Effect of fruit therapy and herbal tea with honey on elevated serum levels of triglycerides (Dr. L. Emilova, Dr. R. Khachikyan, Dr. K. Milev, K. Stoeva)

  • Influence of the fruit-tea diet on cholesterol levels and its fractions HDL and LDL in patients with hypercholesterolemia (Dr. L. Emilova, Dr. K. Milev, K. Stoeva)

  • Frequency of hyperinsulinemia among populations at risk (Dr. L. Emilova, Dr. K. Milev, K. Alexandrova)

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the diet-exercise regime applied in the “Dr. Emilova” Clinic through changes in body weight indicators (Dr. L. Emilova, Dr. K. Milev, Dr. V. Stefanov, K. Aleksandrova)

  • Combined health effects of a diet and exercise regime – experience from practice (L. Emilova, K. Milev, R. Khachikyan, V. Stefanov, M. Platnikov)

  • Stenosis of the main arteries of the right lower leg – alternative approaches to treatment (L.Emilova , K.Kazakova , K.Aleksandrova )

In softened fasting, fruits and tea with a little honey are the only food for 15-20 days. Such fruit fasting is almost as effective as only water fasting, but it is much more universal and easier to implement. The purpose of this temporary abstinence from complex foods is to unlock the body’s self-healing and restorative processes. The program stimulates the activity of all excretory organs, leading to powerful detoxification. The body’s defense mechanisms are quickly increased and the work of the nervous system is balanced. During the regimen, thoughts flow smoothly and negative emotions disappear.

Anti-stress program

Softened fasting is a powerful anti-depressant and anti-stress program and it can be carried out both for treatment and prevention. Last but not least, fruit healing provides rapid reduction of excess weight, which is a common problem for today’s society.

Body – emotions/mind – spirit

Fasting affects not only the body, but also the soul and spirit. The senses are sharpened and the general well-being of the body is enhanced. The many elements in our program, providing a balance between activity and rest, lead to a complete balance in the body-emotions/mind-spirit system. Self-confidence and the general tone of the body increases. Softened fasting improves the quality of life and the joy of it. It is also a reliable means of giving up harmful habits.

Why do we feel so good when we fast? Our body is burdened by unhealthy food, stress, immobility, toxins in the air and water, electromagnetic fields and radiation. Because of this, toxic substances are retained in our cells over time. When we fast, these cells begin to clean themselves and toxins quickly leave them. Metabolism improves and aging processes are slowed down.

Re-gaining your health requires qualified help and a favorable environment.

Why do we feel so good when we fast?

Our body uses its energy primarily to digest and process nutrients. When we eat a lot, move little and are under stress, the body has no chance to eliminate excess toxins. There is simply no time or energy left for that. In a fasted state, the body can use almost all of its energy to cleanse cells and burn fat. Excess substances are neutralized, or thrown out of the body. Self-healing processes in our body are natural and can cure many diseases since most of them are the result of intoxication.

Unlike drug treatment, it is not just suppressing your symptoms, but eliminating the root causes of diseases. What’s more, when we fast, the body targets all of its health problems at the same time. Some faster and others slower, depending on how advanced the disease is and how much it affected it as a whole.

Improvement in the function of one organ has a favorable effect on all others. Our body is a super-intelligent system and when we give it time and opportunity, it only succeeds in achieving the full state of health.

Bulgaria is a country offering a wide variety of fruits. The abundance of valuable substances in them enhances the healing effect of softened fasting. It is easy to perform and applies to both children and adults (barring some specific diseases), relatively healthy people and those taking multiple medications. Fasting treatment is a unique combination of what`s pleasant and useful for the body. During the program, a person does not feel hungry, but feels a pleasant lightness and vitality and has the desire to move and have fun. When you leave the clinic, you can easily continue the program at home, combining it with your professional and family obligations.

The beneficial effect of fruit healing is even more pronounced when it is combined with an active movement regime and other therapeutic procedures. The program includes walks, excursions, dances, callanetics, yoga, morning gymnastics and Tibetan rituals with Dr. Emilova, Chinese and water gymnastics, dances. The clinic offers options for psychotherapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture, hydrocolontherapy, probiotic therapy. Therapeutic fasting can be successfully combined with sauna, fitness, massages, inhalations, mud treatment and water procedures.

Fasting treatment is carried out under the conditions of 24-hour medical supervision and the control of the most modern equipment

In Dr. Emilova’s clinic, fasting treatment is carried out under the conditions of 24-hour medical supervision and the control of the most modern equipment. This eliminates any health risk and enables an accurate assessment of the healing effect. The environment in the clinic makes the program even lighter and more enjoyable. Among the many like-minded people, the sense of community and motivation is enhanced and it is very easy to do the fasting.


Depending on the season, you are at the seaside or in a beautiful mountain area. Carrying out the program, you can participate in the many activities every day, as well as a simple walk on the beach or the forest path. This way you will spend your time as if you are on a vacation, but it will be an extremely healthy one..


**According to the Health Law (Ch. 6, Art. 166, Para. (1), Item 7), medical fasting in Bulgaria is an officially accepted therapeutic method.

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