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Treatment in our clinic is based on the holistic approach to the diseased body. We consider the person as a single material, mental-emotional and spiritual system, in which the balance is restored with a multitude of healing measures. Therapeutic fasting is combined with active rest, fresh air, sun exposure, movement exercises, spiritual-energy practices, physical therapy, psychotherapy, hydrocolontherapy, healing massages, water procedures and health information.

Only immersion in such an atmosphere is able to bring the organism of a modern human closer to true health. In order to achieve this goal, a complete familiarization with the state of health of each patient is necessary. That is why our clinic has a team of highly qualified specialist doctors working with modern equipment.

The atmosphere in the clinic is quiet, pleasant, allowing for complete active relaxation. Staying with us will allow you to master the subtleties of a healthy lifestyle. This is done through discussions, lectures, videos and literature of various content.

A main in our style of work is to focus not only on the symptoms of the patient, but to look at him as a complete, self-regulating and self-restoring system. This view gives us the opportunity to clarify the exact causes of the diseases and give individual recommendations for overcoming them. We direct the patient’s attention to the two-way connection mind/emotions ↔ body, because, according to numerous modern studies, the number of psychosomatic conditions that develop under the influence of a person’s damaged psycho-emotional state is constantly increasing.












The exact clarification of the patients health condition is the basis of the individual recommendations necessary for conducting the treatment. For this, as well as for evaluating the therapeutic effect of the program, a variety of tests are carried out in Dr. Emilova’s clinic with state-of-the-art equipment. Driven by the supreme goal of preserving health, we provide an opportunity to conduct the program without any risk.

Laboratory blood tests

All patients at the beginning and on the 20th day of the stay have their blood tested for the following parameters: hemoglobin, erythrocytes, hematocrit, leukocytes, platelets, ESR, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, creatinine, GGT, ALT, AST, total bilirubin, total protein, uric acid, TSH. If necessary, additional blood tests are performed, such as electrolytes, hormones, antibodies, tumor markers, as well as urine analysis and microbiological examination of secretions.

Body impedancemetry

An electronic method for examining body composition with the ” Tanita ” device, which establishes the exact weight and calculates the body mass index, as well as the amount of fat and fluids in the body, comparing them with the corresponding norms. It is given to everyone on admission, then on the 10th, 20th day and after build-up.

Ultrasound of abdominal organs

Ultrasound imaging method for examining the abdominal organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary bladder, prostate in men, uterus and ovaries in women). The examination is carried out on all patients on admission, then on the 20th day of the program and after build-up.

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Ultrasound imaging method for examining the thyroid gland. Recommended for inflammatory conditions, cysts, nodules, general enlargement and disorders in the hormonal function of the gland.

Ultrasound of mammary glands

Ultrasound imaging method for breast examination in women. Recommended for mastopathy, inflammatory conditions, cysts, fibroadenomas and for the purpose of age-related preventive screening.

Doppler ultrasonography of blood vessels

Ultrasound method for detection of disorders in the vascular blood flow of the neck, head and limbs due to various causes. Indications: migraine, headache of unknown cause, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, condition after a heart attack or stroke, high blood fats, age over 40, smoking.


Ultrasound method for determining bone density of the upper and lower limbs. A means of detection and control of osteoporosis. It is recommended for frequent fractures, bone pain, hormonal disorders, women in menopause.

Electrocardiography (ECG)

Method for determining the electrophysiological function of the heart. It is carried out on all patients on admission and during the course of treatment if necessary.


Ultrasound imaging method for examining the heart: morphology, valvular and pumping activity. It is recommended for patients with hypertension, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, heart valve defects and extreme obesity.

Holter - ECG and blood pressure

Apparatus method for studying the 24-hour electrophysiological activity of the heart and monitoring the blood pressure. Recommended for hypertension, sensations of palpitations and “skipping” of the heart and proven arrhythmias of a different nature.


Measurement of intraocular pressure and ophthalmoscopy for examination of the fundus with the aim of early diagnosis of eye pathologies. Recommended for people over the age of 55, high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular and autoimmune diseases, as well as an annual eye examination to prevent eye diseases.

Endoscopy of the digestive system

A method for examining and carrying out therapeutic manipulations with a probe of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon and rectum. Necessary in suspected ulcer disease, gastritis, colitis, colon polyps, diverticula, hemorrhoids. /not available in July and August/.

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