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A wide variety of activities

Correctly selected motor regime plays an important role in restoring the general tone of the body. It maintains good metabolism and optimizes the effect of medical fasting and other therapeutic methods.


Movement stimulates blood circulation, the functions of the excretory organs and the nervous system. Tension and accumulated fatigue are suppressed.


The clinic offers a variety of motor activities according to the capabilities, age and health status of each one. The day begins with morning gymnastics, Tibetan rituals and yoga asanas with Dr. Emilova. The weekly program includes daily walks and hikes, and on some days – sports and Bulgarian folk dances, callanetics, yoga, Chinese gymnastics Qi Gong and water gymnastics. Daily excursions to historical and natural landmarks in the surrounding area are organized.

Morning and Chinese gymnastics

The day with us starts with a pleasant and light Chinese gymnastics, outdoors if the weather permits. On some days of the week, Chinese gymnastics is played not only in the morning, but also in the late afternoon. These are exercises based on ancient healing practices such as qi gong and tai chi and adapted for modern people (chi – vital energy, from Chinese). Light and accessible to everyone, Chinese gymnastics includes smooth and graceful as well as dynamic movements, breathing practices and meditative states. The purpose of the exercises is to awaken, release and harmonize the vital energy of the body. They help us maintain a flexible and healthy body and a lively spirit. Morning gymnastics is led by Dr. Emilova or Veselin Vasilev.


Iyengar yoga

With us, you will get to know the main asanas of Iyengar yoga – a dynamic, precise and beautiful practice that will help you make your body more flexible and stronger, and your mind calmer. Iyengar is the name of the creator of this practice. Born in India, he began practicing yoga in his youth when he was suffering from serious chronic illnesses. Building on classical yoga with his system of exercises, combined with meditation and diet, he was able to cure his ailments and thus inspired millions of people around the world to do the same.


In the period when you are on fasting or natural nutrition, yoga practice will complement your efforts to strengthen your health and give your body and mind a break. A short meditation during the yoga lessons will help you relax and restore your energy. Yoga sessions are held with instructor Maria Arangelova, a certified Iyengar yoga teacher from Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, India.


Satyananda Yoga

This is classical or also called integral yoga. A different school, but just as Iyengar yoga aims to harmonize all aspects of a person – body, mind and spirit. Available only at our clinic in Saint Constantine and Helena with instructor Velislava Savova.

Folk and sports dances

If you want to not only tighten your body and improve your muscle tone, but also have fun and learn new things, dance classes are for you. Dynamic, accompanied by music and always in high spirit, dancing is another great wellness practice. With it, you can learn the steps of both the Bulgarian Pravo Horo and the Greek Sirtaki – with instructor Dimitar Gunev.


In our clinic, we offer a unique opportunity: if you have problems with your spine or joints, you can alleviate your condition! We have the apparatus of the famous professor Sergey Bubnovsky, doctor of medical sciences, who created fundamentally new, non-operative methods for treating the spine and joints without drugs and invasive procedures.


The exercise machine is a device on which, under the guidance of a physiotherapist, you do exercises with your own weight. They increase blood circulation and eliminate muscle spasms that result from immobilization. Bubnovsky’s exercise machine allows for a variety of physical exercises that are useful for the whole body. According to the professor’s method, if we train the muscles, we will improve the blood supply to them and the related pain areas in the musculoskeletal system without the risk of injury. Professor Bubnovsky ‘s worldwide popularity proves the efficacy of his method. For you, our physiotherapist Alexander Stoyanov will draw up a program and a series of exercises tailored to your illness and condition.

Nature walks and excursions

We organize and offer various walks in the nature that every visitor to Dr. Emilova’s clinic can enjoy. They are one of our patients’ favorite activities and are therefore organized almost daily. The routes are different according to the location (“St. St. Konstantin and Elena” or “Borovets”) and give everyone the opportunity to recharge emotionally and energetically, enjoy nature and improve their physical shape. The battered stones, Aladzha monastery, the Shabla reserve, the royal residence in Euxinograd and its huge park, the picturesque Cape Kaliakra, the Botanical Garden in Balchik and the palace there – the offers are many and tempting. A time for enjoying nature, for sharing, for unforgettable memories.

















Restoring your health requires qualified help and a favorable environment.

We are waiting for you!

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